Attitudes Toward State & Local Media 2022: A Survey of Hispanic/Latino Residents of the Roaring Fork Valley

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In 2022, Colorado News Collaborative (COLab) retained Corona Insights to conduct research to develop a deeper understanding of how Hispanic/Latino residents of the Roaring Fork Valley (RFV) consume, evaluate, and trust state and local media. Building off the 2022 Colorado Media Project Statewide survey, Corona Insights worked with COLab to design a questionnaire that collected the most relevant data with question language from previous statewide surveys and other national benchmarks where appropriate. RFV residents were recruited to take the survey (available in Spanish or English) through various outreach points including advertisements from local media outlets, thousands of flyers distributed throughout community organizations, social media postings, and intercept surveys. In total, 172 individuals in the RFV participated in the survey, 155 of which identified as Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin and/or spoke Spanish. Individuals meeting one or both of these criteria were included in the analysis of this report.