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Every Coloradan deserves local news. COLab, the Colorado News Collaborative, unites journalists from more than 100 news outlets with allies and supporters to strengthen trustworthy, public-interest news statewide. Together, we can increase the scope,  quantity and quality of civic news — the kind that holds power to account and helps Coloradans participate in healthy communities and a responsive democracy.

COLab partners report important stories that no one newsroom could tell alone. We organize collaborative reporting projects and offer hands-on training by experienced journalists — and, in the process, help newsrooms grow stronger.

  • Working together, we can tell stories that would otherwise go untold.
  • Our training and mentorship are helping journalists sharpen their skills.

COLab believes in media for the people, with the people. We help strengthen connections between Colorado newsrooms and the communities they serve..

  • Community-centered journalism builds trust and better news.
  • We help newsrooms connect to the diversity of their communities.

We’re helping existing and emerging news organizations grow stronger financially. That means working with them to reach new audiences, diversify revenue streams and explore next-generation business models.

  • We strengthen news outlets through innovation.
  • We help news outlets find new ways to work with and for their communities.

Collaborative work

Jan 26, 2021

How Friendship Can Be a Mental-Health Safety Net

It started about four years ago when Laurel Carpenter and Melissa Humphrey bought matching parkas and then matching comfort shoes.  Soon enough, the nurses-slash-best friends from Grand Junction found themselves with matching chihuahua-print leggings and matching hoodies with fleece-lined...
Jan 21, 2021

For Tylan Jones, Anxiety is Also a Battle Between Optimism and Pessimism

Tylan Jones is not naive. He is a 20-year-old Black man living in the United States. This reality does not easily accommodate naivete. When he was in middle school, he says, he and some Black friends got off the...
Jan 13, 2021

Veteran Paramedic Grapples With COVID’s Toll on His Lungs and Sense of Self

Even now, nearly three months after COVID invaded his body, Jason McGinnis cannot stop asking himself how he contracted the virus.  On its face, the answer seems clear: He’s a paramedic. But he was careful, thought himself well-protected, thought...
Jan 7, 2021

When Politics Feels Like a Moral Injury

Scott Zayatz upped his dosage of antidepression and antianxiety medication in early spring when the pandemic started clobbering the nation and the presidential race, post-primary, turned foul. The 43-year-old news junkie could feel his body tense and cynicism rise...
Dec 30, 2020

In the Wake of Furloughs, Closings, Suicides, a Mountain Town Businessman Searches for Balance

Dick Carleton came to Breckenridge from Virginia when he was 24. He had a business degree from Virginia Tech, a ‘69 Volkswagen bug, $100 and three friends willing to share a crappy two-bedroom condo with no insulation. It was...

COLab Founding Partners

COLab Founding Partners

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The Hunger for News Among Colorado’s Immigrant and Refugee Communities

Dear reader, Before the pandemic and all that has spiraled from it — the quarantines, the distancing, the business closures, the lost work and childcare, the how-do-I-pay-the-bills-and-feed-the-kids panic — Diana Higuera and Jennifer Gueddiche had a plan. It was a good plan. Together, they run the Aurora-based Rocky Mountain Welcome Center,

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COLab partners work together to tell stories that the newsrooms couldn’t do alone. Together, we tell stories that would otherwise go untold. And those stories make a difference.