Help and Hope for Mental Health

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Coloradans joined in a statewide conversation on mental health during these challenging times. 9News and the rest of the Colorado News Collaborative presented a one-hour statewide conversation about mental health as part of “On Edge,” an ongoing series about coping with the crises.

View the discussion here:

The conversation, hosted by Jordan Chavez of 9News (who bravely broke stigma barriers to talk about his own mental health), features:

  • Dr. Robert Werthwein, Colorado’s top mental health official who has dealt with his own mental health challenges.
  • Laura Negley from Eads, who overcame debilitating depression in a rural community she says doesn’t discuss mental health.
  • Dana Licko from Denver, a mother and former journalist who has been in recovery six years from opioid addiction and talks about the importance of self care.

This conversation was brought to you by 9News and COLab, the Colorado News Collaborative, a coalition of more than 100 news outlets.