Apply for the IJA-Scripps-ICT Internship

The Indigenous Journalists Association (IJA), in partnership with The Scripps Howard Fund and ICT, announces a new paid 20-week internship in Washington, D.C. and a housing stipend for the selected student from IJA. Applications are due by Feb. 1, 2024.

The Scripps Howard Fund created the internship program in 2023, aimed at giving students high-quality, hands-on experience covering stories in rural communities. The Fund is partnering with the Institute for Nonprofit News (INN), which supports more than 425 news organizations, including the 77-member Rural News Network covering rural America.

ICT was selected as a host nonprofit newsroom for the 2024 year.

The intern will help cover the presidential election for the ICT digital team from the Washington bureau, including Indigenous politics, policy and issues happening in and around the nation’s capital. In addition to contributing to the digital platform, the intern will have the opportunity to participate in the 2024 Native election night national broadcast in November (for the fourth consecutive time) and learn broadcasting skills while on the job.

The student will be coached by ICT’s political correspondent, previous political reporters, and the ICT executive editor on covering national and tribal politics, and have the opportunity to build relationships with federal agencies and national tribal organizations.

Candidates should have some experience in journalism, which can include a student newspaper, freelance work or even an exceptional performance in a college reporting class. ICT is a multimedia news organization with partnering newsrooms across the country that regularly repost our content. Work will be conducted under the supervision and direction of ICT’s national editor and coach.

Paid, $15/hour
20 weeks, 40 hours/week
Fully in-person at the ICT Washington bureau (1800 I Street NW, Washington DC)
Housing stipend from IJA to live in Washington, DC for the duration of the internship
Recipient will receive a one-year membership to IJA

Who is eligible?
College students, including 2024 college graduates, can now apply for paid internships at eight nonprofit newsrooms across the country. Reminder: this is a full-time job for 20 weeks. Recent graduates are encouraged to apply.

Additional resource:
Once selected, an intern can apply to the Scripps Howard Fund for a grant to help with housing, relocation and other expenses to support their ability to accept an internship.

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