Apply Now for the BIPOC Audio Story Slingshot


Together AMPED, an audio education non-profit, in partnership with award-winning production company House of Pod, are shining a spotlight on Colorado BIPOC producers with their new podcast, From the Margins to the Center, as well as offering a new Audio Story Slingshot course.

About the BIPOC Audio Story Slingshot

Eight Colorado locals will be selected to learn recording, editing, and scripting in order to produce a short non-narrated story that can jumpstart their audio portfolios.

“On paper, the goal of the program is to support more folks in learning the fundamentals of audio production,” says AMPED Board Director Cat Jaffee. “But bigger than that, we want to foster a space for folks to be comfortable experimenting, exploring, and falling in love with their voices, stories, and the audio medium.”

Applications are open until Friday, October 22. Valued at $900 a person, the course has been made fully tuition-free by a 2021 Denver Human Services grant.

Featured Instructors for the Audio Story Slingshot 

Ann Marie Awad (they/she) is an independent podcast producer and journalism instructor based in Denver, CO. In partnership with Colorado Public Radio and PRX, Awad created On Something in 2019, a podcast all about life after cannabis legalization. An alumna of Newmark Graduate School of Journalism, and a journalist of more than ten years, Awad pivoted to public radio in 2014. Before that, she spent three years working for Columbia Journalism School, helping to create teaching tools for journalism students. Awad is originally from Buffalo.

Rebecca Mendoza Nunziato (she/her/ella) is a Producer and Story editor with House of Pod, former Community Manager and Director of AMPED. She is a graduate of the inaugural Women of Color Podcast Incubator in 2019 and directed the program the following year. Becca believes that podcasting can be a platform for social change and social justice! She is currently in graduate school at Harvard studying religion and she produces Decolonize Everything in her free time.

Jeanette Harris-Courts (they/she) is the Community Manager and a Producer at House of Pod. She studied Public Communication and Film Studies at Truman State University, where she worked for Dobson Radio and KTRM 88.7 The Edge as a reporter. Her passion for podcast production and live entertainment began during her internship with Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me. Jeanette loves hosting community events (happy hour, anyone?) and assisting people to make their podcast ideas come to life as a producer, storyteller, and former marketing professional.

About the Podcast, From the Margins to the Center

The podcast, From the Margins to the Center, is an original House of Pod production that unapologetically amplifies voices of marginalized producers, and the first season is dedicated to voices from Colorado. The first episode, released Tuesday, October 5th, features public media veteran Jo Ann Allen. In each episode of From the Margins to the Center, hosts Rebecca Mendoza Nunziato and Jeanette Harris-Courts invite guests to share their best stories, biggest moments on the mic, and experiences in the audio industry.

Rebecca is a graduate of the very first podcast incubator for women of color in Colorado that shares the same name: From the Margins to the Center. The incubator was hosted by House of Pod and AMPED in 2019 and 2020.

Now in 2021, the two organizations are uniting once again to roll out a weekend intensive for aspiring BIPOC audio producers called the Audio Story Slingshot.

Featured Guests on From the Margins to the Center Podcast

Jo Ann Allen, news anchor at Colorado Public Radio, reporter, and host of the podcast Been There, Done That
Sarah Blanchard, a facilitator, TEDx speaker, writer, author of two books Flex Mom and Dear White Women: Let’s Get (Un)comfortable Talking About Racism, and co-host of Dear White Women, an award-winning weekly social justice podcast. 
Natasha Pepperl is a foster mom and the founder of Just As Special — a foster care podcast, training portal, and resource database focused on amplifying diverse perspectives of foster care to drive lasting progress. 
Michelle Jackson is an award winning content creator, producer of the podcast Michelle is Money Hungry, and author.

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