APPLY: The Future of the American Child Journalism Fellowship

Economic challenges, such as inflation and unemployment, hit families hard. For children, it can permanently impair their future health, education and work. Research proves the benefits of financial stability for families, but are journalists doing enough to cover it?

Fourteen years after a Harvard University study on economic mobility placed Charlotte, N.C., at the bottom of a list of 50 cities where a child had the chance to rise from poverty, the city’s observers are still struggling to measure progress for low-income families. This situation persists even in one of America’s leading banking and financial centers.

The National Press Foundation has selected Charlotte for its third Future of the American Child journalism training Jan. 21-24 2024, continuing its year-long examination of child well-being. Like the successful journalism fellowships NPF held in McAllen, Texas, and Cleveland, Ohio, this cohort will consist of 15 journalists from across the U.S. for an expenses-paid training program.

learn more and apply by Nov. 8

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