Colorado Press Association’s Rising Star Award

The Colorado Press Association‘s Rising Star Award is intended to recognize, celebrate and encourage the next generation of leadership in our industry and in the State of Colorado. Candidates will be recognized for their commitment to the news organization, passion for the industry and contribution to the future success of the industry. This award should recognize an individual who is curious, innovative, progressive and stands out as a future leader. 

The competition is open to all employees of Colorado Press Association member outlets who have been in the industry for five years or less. 

Nomination Guidelines: 
The nominee must be an active newspaper or online news professional in advertising, circulation, digital, business, editorial or any other working department of the news organization. 
The nominee must have been an active employee of the newspaper or online news source in 2023 and must not have
worked in the industry for more than five years.
The nominee may be nominated by a supervisor or peer. 
Members of the Colorado Press Association Board of Directors and CPA employees are not eligible for nomination. 

The deadline for nominations is March 15th and winners will be announced at the Colorado Press Association Annual Convention on August 23, 2024! 

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