Creating Healthy Work Cultures: How ‘User Manuals’ Can Help Colleagues Understand and Support Each Other

Everybody has their own unique style of working. But how do we communicate our needs to supervisors, coworkers and teammates? Join us for a Gather lightning chat on “user manuals,” a simple management practice that can help colleagues understand and support each other.

User manuals (AKA a ReadMe or a UX of Me) are a tech industry favorite, and they often lead to better working relationships. They can be used to reset a relationship as well to onboard new hires (interns and fellows included).

We’ll discuss what user manuals are, explore how they can contribute to healthy work cultures and highlight strategies for implementing them in your workplace.

Tune in on Wednesday at 11 a.m. MT as Sam Ragland discusses the User Manual approach on a Gather lightning chat. The conversation will help you navigate the challenges that come with either reporting to, or being, the leader who is unavailable, burned out, or simply difficult.


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