Jason Vitello on Racism: A Public Health Crisis

Jason Vitello is the Past President of the Colorado Public Health Association, Equity and Community Development Manager at the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition, a practitioner at the Public Health Institute at Denver Health, and an Adjunct Professor at the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver. His ultimate interest is in collective liberation and the betterment of the human condition through fierce compassion, unity across struggles, the peaceful obliteration of structural inequalities, and comprehensive paradigm transformation.

In recent years our nation has seen disproportionately high rates of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths within the BIPOC community, high profile murders of unarmed Black people by police, a rise in discrimination and hate crimes against individuals of Asian descent, and the reemergence of overt bigotry in social discourse.

Vitello’s presentation will provide the historically factual context of this enduring struggle, and a path forward for community and public health leaders.

Participants will have a better understanding of racism as cause of social inequality and a barrier to community and population health.

The Arts Campus At Willits
400 Robinson Street
Basalt, CO 81621

January 31, 2023
Doors 5:30 PM | Show 6:30 PM
Seated Show

MANAUS and TACAW are proud to launch the Equity Speaker Series, a community program that provides access to experts in the realm of equity and anti-racism. The ongoing series aims to make equity a daily conversation in the Roaring Fork Valley by presenting compelling speakers and sharing their stories. We also aim to center traditionally marginalized voices and put them at the forefront of these conversations.

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