Mental Health Reporting Workshop

Times are tough all over, maybe more so than any point in most of our – and our communities’ – lifetimes. That’s why COLab and our partners are preparing to launch “On Edge,” a two-month project about how Coloradans are experiencing this time of uncertainty and upheaval from a mental health perspective.

COLab reporters and coaches Tina Griego and Susan Greene, who are leading the project, both have years of experience writing about mental health, vulnerable communities and other sensitive issues. They’re offering a virtual brown bag lunch at noon on Tuesday, November 24th to offer some do’s and don’ts of mental health reporting and column-writing and discuss how to approach these stories in ways that are rooted in people, not policy.

Note: COLab member journalists are eligible for this workshop. Already a member? See your latest email from Laura Frank for login information, or contact COLab at

COLab members gain access to trainings like this, and much more. To go straight to the signup form, follow the link that best describes your role.

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