Poynter: Lead With Influence

From Poynter: If you have the official title of project manager or product manager, or are in the position of being responsible for outcomes without formally supervising anyone (including those all-important bridge roles in audience, innovation and strategy), this program is for you.

You might oversee a big investigation, a rewrite of your standards and ethics policies, or the launch of a newsroom partnership. You might be in charge of a crucial element of getting the news out, like building a workflow to accommodate a new product, or making sure that the entire staff knows how to select visual elements, yet you have no team of your own. You have to discern the best way to get buy-in and collaboration across departments.

In essence, you’re the driving force behind initiatives that are critical for the success of your news media organization. Lead With Influence gives informal but influential leaders like you the leadership training needed to be as effective and successful as possible. Apply by Friday, June 2.

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