The True Story Award

The True Story Award is the first global journalism prize. Its aim is to make reporters’ voices known beyond the borders of their home countries, and in doing so to increase the diversity of perspectives offered in the media.

The True Story Award will be conferred by an independent foundation and honours reporters writing in 10 languages, who have distinguished themselves by the depth of their research, the quality of their journalism and its social relevance.

Fifty jury members from 29 countries will select the 36 best texts of the year and then select a winner. The winner will receive 25 000 Swiss francs in prize money, while all the 36 nominees (one per text) will be invited to the True Story Festival in Bern, Switzerland.

The True Story Award is open to all journalists anywhere in the world who produce written reportage. 

Submissions are open until November 5, 2023. Texts published in print or online between 1.9.2022 and 30.9.2023 are eligible. They may have been published in daily or weekly newspapers, magazines or on websites. Re-published texts, books and manuscripts are ineligible.

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