On Edge

On Edge is a statewide series on how the recent confluence of crises has tested Coloradans’ mental health.

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News Team

Helping newsrooms across Colorado grow stronger with reporting, editing, and hands-on training.

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COVID Coverage

COLab and its partners are reporting on the pandemic’s economic impact, public health challenges, and its spotlight on inequities.

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Election 2020

In the run up to the 2020 election, Colorado newsrooms joined forces to inform citizens statewide.

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News Voices Colorado

How do we transform local news so that it’s more inclusive of underrepresented communities and better serves all communities?

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Working Together

COLab partners work together — and with our News Team — on stories individual newsrooms couldn’t report alone. Through collaboration, we tell stories that would otherwise go untold. And those stories make a difference. Explore them and their impact.


How COLab is changing the news landscape in Colorado

Together, COLab partners report important stories that no one newsroom could tell alone. See some of the results.

COLab believes in news for the people, with the people. See how Coloradans are helping build the media they deserve.

We’re helping news organizations grow stronger financially, too. See how innovation is making a difference.

Behind the scenes

May 4, 2021

Collateral Consequences

Help oppose bill that would hinder accountability journalism
Apr 21, 2021

A Letter of a Different Sort: Reflections on Collaboration

Dear reader,  Journalists receive lots of letters. Our inboxes and mailboxes are often full of news tips, requests for coverage and input from readers about what we write, what we don’t write, our word choices and even our punctuation....
Apr 21, 2021

The Past as Prologue for Latinx Communities in Colorado

Journalists and journalism institutions are rethinking how they center the needs and desires of communities of color. But there is still a long history of disinvestment and harm that newsrooms must address to repair their relationships with Latino/a/x, Black and Indigenous...
Apr 7, 2021

The Latinx Community v. Local News: We’ve Been Here Before

Dear reader, When she was a child growing up in a 1940s’ Greeley that still posted “No dogs or Mexicans” signs, Polly Baca remembers that the local paper had a habit of referring to Latinos in one of two primary...
Mar 31, 2021

Happy Anniversary to COLab: Celebrating our First Year

Dear reader, As of today, the Colorado News Collaborative is a year old. And what a year. What we imagined compared to what has come to pass is beyond what we could have foreseen.  Our launch, on March 31,...