Misinformation Watch Colorado

Equipping Colorado newsrooms and the public with the tools and knowledge to fight the spread of viral online misinformation

About the Project

In partnership with First Draft News, a global nonprofit tackling information disorder, and the Colorado Media Project, veteran data journalist Sandra Fish is equipping newsrooms and the public with the tools and knowledge to fight the spread of viral online misinformation.


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“Tell me a bit about the broader consequences that we found happen to a community…

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Misinformation Watch Colorado

Sandra Fish mapping information. (Photo courtesy of CMP)
  • FOR JOURNALISTS: Fish works with newsrooms across the state, providing regular monitoring updates, tips, tools, and training so journalists know when and how to take action to counter misinformation. Colorado journalists can join the network here.
  • FOR ALL COLORADANS: Are you seeing online misinformation about COVID-19, the 2020 Census, the 2020 election, or other important topics? Take a screenshot and report it to Fish.

Meanwhile, First Draft News offers these tips on “good social media hygiene”:

Rely on trusted sources. The official resource for updates on COVID-19 is covid19.colorado.gov

Think before you share.  Slow down. Never immediately click to share on posts, memes, videos or other content you see online. Remember that some of the most damaging misinformation spreads rapidly via shares in the seconds after a crisis or emergency.  Check your sources before sharing. Misinformation and disinformation can cost lives. 

Be careful what you post. Remember, the information you share online can be misunderstood or repurposed via manipulation. Do a privacy check on your social media accounts and make sure you are not sharing content broadly that you mean only for close family and friends. Be aware that agents of disinformation often steal identities of real people – profile photos and other information – to create chaos.

Be wary of emotional content.  Agents of disinformation are known to create or repurpose emotional video, photos, and to use sensational terms to divide us. Be especially careful of content that is attempting to make people angry or sad or create division.


Related Opportunities

This project was made possible through unprecedented collaboration between dozens of newsrooms and journalists across the state, who are active partners in the Colorado News Collaborative, or COLab.

To support the statewide effort, donate to the Colorado News Collaborative.