Better News

COLab partner newsrooms are becoming stronger as we work together to tell stories that would otherwise go untold, host training and share best practices. Below we share some of the ways that happens.

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Progress and Inequity in Colorado

We’re out with our latest installment of Chasing Progress, our collaborative reporting project examining equity gaps in Colorado.  Yesterday’s piece is by John Herrick of the nonprofit The Boulder Reporting Lab (Johnny’s name may

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Rebuilding Trust

Something big happened this week here at the Colorado News Collaborative’s headquarters. Six Coloradans representing six communities often bitterly divided over problems with the state’s mental health safety-net system sat down

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On Fighting Cynicism

Dear reader,  My faith is rattled lately.  This is not so much a crisis of the spirit (although, like many of us, I’ve had my moments these past few years).

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John Ferrugia joins COLab’s team!

Dear reader,  I am thrilled to announce that John Ferrugia has joined the COLab staff to help us strengthen news throughout Colorado.  John has won more professional honors than any other investigative

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Colorado’s Quietest Police Killing

Dear reader,  The people of Kiowa County woke Wednesday morning to an edition of their local newspaper unlike any other.  The cover story, “Three Bullets to the Back,” is a deep investigative

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