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The Denver Post’s mission is to be Colorado’s most trusted source for information that educates, entertains and inspires our readers for the betterment of our community. Our team of journalists provide the state’s most complete coverage of news, sports and entertainment, as well as stunning photography and insightful opinion. The Denver Post, which began publishing in 1892, is owned by Denver-based MediaNews Group. MediaNews Group is a privately-owned company. The majority owner is Alden Global Capital, a privately held investment firm based in New York City. As a private company, MediaNews Group makes business decisions that keep shareholders in mind, but editorial decisions are independent. It is a member of The Trust Project, an international coalition of reputable media organizations working together to promote truthful, verified news with fairness and accuracy. Through ongoing global collaboration with the public, news leaders, search and social platforms, the consortium is defining a standard for quality journalism that can be easily recognized anywhere.

COVID Coverage

COLab and its partners are reporting on the pandemic’s economic impact, public health challenges, and its spotlight on inequities.

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