Better News for all Coloradans

Better News for all Coloradans

What We Do

Every Coloradan deserves local news. COLab, the Colorado News Collaborative, unites journalists from more than 100 news outlets with allies and supporters to strengthen trustworthy, public-interest news statewide. Together, we can increase the scope,  quantity and quality of civic news — the kind that holds power to account and helps Coloradans participate in healthy communities and a responsive democracy.

COLab partners report important stories that no one newsroom could tell alone. We organize collaborative reporting projects and offer hands-on training by experienced journalists — and, in the process, help newsrooms grow stronger.

  • Working together, we can tell stories that would otherwise go untold.
  • Our training and mentorship are helping journalists sharpen their skills.

COLab believes in media for the people, with the people. We help strengthen connections between Colorado newsrooms and the communities they serve..

  • Community-centered journalism builds trust and better news.
  • We help newsrooms connect to the diversity of their communities.

We’re helping existing and emerging news organizations grow stronger financially. That means working with them to reach new audiences, diversify revenue streams and explore next-generation business models.

  • We strengthen news outlets through innovation.
  • We help news outlets find new ways to work with and for their communities.

Collaborative work

Nov 30, 2023

Rogue Officers Bounce Between Communities, Often With Few Consequences

An officer labeled a “significant” liability risk by the Federal Heights Police Department in suburban Denver went on to work as a police sergeant in Platteville where he parked his cruiser on railroad tracks before a train rammed into...
Oct 31, 2023

Denver Improperly Withheld Text Messages About Red Rocks Hailstorm, Judge Rules

A judge Monday ordered Denver to disclose city officials’ text messages about last June’s severe hailstorm at Red Rocks Amphitheater, ruling the communications were improperly withheld from 9NEWS reporter Steve Staeger. City attorneys contended that cellphone texts sent and...
Oct 27, 2023

Inside the News: A West Slope Colorado Newspaper Nearly Died. Then This Happened…

The email came — notably — on Friday the 13th. In October. The spooky season. When ghouls and ghosts and goblins haunt the dusky twilight of our western autumn. “Crisis Alert: Save your community paper.” That was the subject...
Oct 22, 2023

Editorial: Despite Statewide Efforts, Criminals With Guns and Badges Still Serve on Police Forces Across the State

The Sentinel roster of Aurora cops caught lying, beating, cheating or behaving like a racist truly is a hall of shame, but the biggest shame is the state and local systems that let these broken cops keep working. Reporters from the Sentinel,...
Oct 19, 2023

Colorado Promised Transparency Around Police Misconduct, But Is Still Not Holding Most Rogue Cops Publicly Accountable.

A Denver Police officer bragged to coworkers that he shot a carjacking suspect once in the head to kill him, then at least 16 times more to see his “face fall apart.” They told investigators that he spent months...

COLab Founding Partners

COLab Founding Partners

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Something pretty remarkable happened last Thursday in Denver on the third floor of the Buell Public Media Center, COLab’s home base.  As about 100 people gathered, a lively (and thirsty and hungry) crowd of journalists and community members, we launched the first-ever online statewide source guide to Coloradans from diverse

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Whether you are working in a Colorado newsroom or you are a freelance journalist in the state, you’re invited to join COLab. Connect with other journalists across Colorado and gain access to resources, training and more. Make your journalism and your community stronger.

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COLab partners work together to tell stories that the newsrooms couldn’t do alone. Together, we tell stories that would otherwise go untold. And those stories make a difference.