Jan Wondra

Managing Editor,

Ark Valley Voice

Jan Wondra is managing editor of the Ark Valley Voice in Chaffee County. Jan is a journalist and business executive. She’s been a columnist and writer in Minnesota and Wisconsin. She moved into global advertising and marketing and moved to Denver to become vice president of Sales Promotion for May D&F. Jan spent nearly a decade running her own marketing and writing agency. She was director of Western Union North American Money Transfer before becoming vice president of Marketing and e-Commerce for Ent Federal Credit Union and working as general manager of Arrow Electronics Global Marketing. In 2010, Jan returned to journalism with the Villager Media Group in the south Denver Metro area, launching TheCorridor.biz in 2015. Jan’s work has won numerous awards, including national and Colorado advertising awards, national direct marketing honors, and journalism honors from the National Press Association and Colorado Press Association.